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September 16, 2009
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Declaration of Wackiness COLOR by MugenKeiji Declaration of Wackiness COLOR by MugenKeiji
** EDIT: They weren't "lakes" ^_^; **

Original: [link]

Alternate: [link]

Artist: :iconshoxxe:

Commissioner: :iconjokerisdaking:

Lots more where this is coming from kids, hang on to your seats. That leaves two others to go.

Ah Liberty's Kids...didn't watch it myself really but heard neat things on the show. I mean usually educational cartoons tend to suck and the only people that I know of that DIDN'T fall under that "curse" by making it feel more like entertainment were Tom Yohe and Albert Barille.

So how does the Mask transport itself here? Well the backstory's a LITTLE different, let's pretend "The Mask" cartoon and "Liberty's Kids" take place in the same timeline with the events of "Comedy of Eras" (where the Mask was found in the creek of colonial Edge City aka Edge Town) have long passed and our friend Sarah Phillips makes a goodwill visit there.


Just go with it okay? :iconblankstareplz:

Today, in the time period known as the American Revolution in our modern day world, we find Sarah, a young British teen girl who's father lives in America, heading out into a place called 'Edge Town' to find out how people in the frontier think about the Revolution and such.

Sarah, being a British citizen, didn't think that highly of the American Revolution, but overtime, she came to understand the ideals and such even through she thinks herself as a citizen of British. However, her 'support' is focusing more on the rebels or Patriots, based on who you were as the war is going on.

Today, as we said before, Sarah is heading into 'Edge Town' in order to learn views on the American Revolution from people of the Frontier. With her was Henri Richard Maurice Dutoit LeFebrve, who snuck abord Sarah's carriage. James wasn't with them since he had another story to report on.

When she arrived on 'Edge Town', she talked to the people about their say on the American Revolution. Needless to say, there a few Loyalists through they kept themselves hidden from view of the Patriots, which number many more in the town. However, she heard about talk that she call 'stuff and nonsense' when they mentioned about a legend of the town.

The legend was that one day a strange man believed to be a warlock appeared and was going to be hanged, but then a green-faced 'demon dog' appeared that turned into a regular canine in which the man turned into a green faced 'hobgoblin' as the legends describe that exposed the real witch which was a strange blue haired female that had the ability to control time. The legend speaks that the 'hobgoblin' turned the witch's magic against her and the people finding out that they were dupped by the witch ran her out of town never to be seen again in which the 'hobgoblin' faded into history and myth.

People think that the 'hobgoblin' appeared because the witch distrubed his home and he came only to get rid of her and if the British came, people are saying that they would be next since they would 'enraged' the 'hobgoblin' and he would use the magic that he had taken from the time witch to make them disappeared. Sarah dismissed that kind of talk as 'nonsense'.

Right now, Sarah can't think of that since she and Henri are running away from a group of men who are Loyalist, people loyal to Britian, into the woods. They just found out a Loyalist plot to take over the government and the armory in town, but they were spotted even through the people didn't get a good look at them.

Henri tells Sarah, in his French accent, "We need to split up! I'll lead them away from you, Sarah!"

Sarah tells Henri, "It is too dangerous, Henri!"

Henri says, with a serious tone, "You zeed to warn the people in the town about the coup, Sarah!" Henri then runs away from Sarah and immediately, leads the Loyalist mob away from them. Sarah runs into another part of the woods in which she trips over something covered by leaves.

Sarah asks, preplexed, "What did I trip over?" Sarah then goes over and overcovers a strange box. Sarah asks, curiously, "Could this be a Native American artifact?" Sarah opens the box to reveal a strange, but familiar green-brown mask inside. Sarah says, looking the mask over, "It looks like a mask used by Native Americans, but I don't recongize the design." However, Sarah immediately takes the mask and decides to head back into town.

That evening, with a guest room, we find Sarah with the mask on a nearby table while she is writing her papers. Henri, as per usual his style, easily manages to get away from the Loyalist and they met up later. They told about the coup to the Patriot leaders of the town, but the Loyalist made their escape and it is feared that they will find their way to a nearby British outpost for help in which the Loyalist 'disabled' the town's defense by taking or destroying all weapons in the town.

The Patriot leaders prepare to have Sarah and Henri to leave in the morning and Sarah is writing solemnly about what happened. Just then a eerie glow comes from nearby in which she looks to see the mask that she picked up glowing with an eerie green glow.

Sarah asks, curiously, "What is this?" Sarah puts the mask into her hands and she examines to the mask closely. Sarah says, a bit preplexed and nervous, "How can this be? Masks don't give off such..." However, she is cut off when the mask is really close to her face in which the mask latches onto her face and becoming like clay and wax, the mask starts to cover her face. Sarah screams as she tries to pull the mask off her face, but with no luck. When the mask covers her face, her body goes into a mini-twister filled with lightning, wind, and thunder that we can see from the wooden cabin window as we leave the wooden that she is staying in.


Hundreds of years into the future, we find Stanley Ipkiss relaxing after what happened with 'The Mask' and Chornos with her time machine.

Just then Peggy Brandt, Ipkiss' reporter friend, bursts into the room with old newspaper articles and she yells out, excitedly, "Stanley, you have got to see this!"

Stanley asks, with a groan, "What is it this time? Does it involve 'The Mask'?"

Peggy says, with a grin, "That's right, Stanley, but you aren't 'The Mask' I'm talking about! I'm talking about a Revolutionary Mask or I should I say 'Maskete'! Peggy drops the old newspaper in front of Stanley and she says, with a grin, "Get a load of this, Stanley!" Stanley looks at the old newspapers which was Ben Franklin's newspaper and he gasps to see a report about a Loyalist coup on 'Edge Town', Edge City back in the colonial days, that was stopped and when they returned from soliders from a hidden base, a strange green-faced female with the American flag in her hands and imprinted on her skirt using strange ';powers' stopped them single handed.

Stanley yells out, stunned, "No way, Peggy!" Stanley looks through another article that a few days later, the same female stopped a group of armed Loyalists in Philadelphia from destroying Ben Franklin's printing press and newspaper in which there was a colored sketched made of her.

Peggy says, with a smile, "I got a few contacts to restore the sketch, Stanley! They called her 'Liberty's Green Angel'!" When Stanley looks at the sketch, she gasps to see none other than Sarah with the American flag in her hands, her dress having the American flag of the time on the skirt portion of her dress, her fingernails are colored the same red on the American flag and the familiar rubber lime green face of 'The Mask' with deep, plump, luscious, and plump colored lips. Peggy says, with a sly grin, "And there were various sightings of her with the last one being at 'Edge Town' when the Consitution was put into place, Stanley."

Stanley says, with a groan while looking at 'The Mask', "It looks like I wasn't the first to use you and have a 'wacky life' because of you, buddy."'

story provided by HazardGallantmon

-If I didn't make back-ups, I would have ragequit this picture

-Almost did the old "watercolor" look I had in older pictures to give it that dramatic look. Why the status quo? Well the PC crashed and I didn't save...also the rest of the background would have had a touch up to make sense with the figure so it was better this way. Hints of it are seen on the flag though.


Liberty's Kids © DiC ... well it's Cookie Jar now isn't it? Hmmm...

The Mask (Cartoon) © Michael Richardson, Dark Horse Entertainment, Sunbow Productions, Film Roman and New Line Cinema
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