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August 13, 2009
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A Nut to Remember - Take 2 by MugenKeiji A Nut to Remember - Take 2 by MugenKeiji
Artist: :iconcerberuslives:

Commissioner: :iconjokerisdaking:

Oh snaps son. An inverse of the previous picture. Yeah Orihime turned out so well from the last picture we decided to satisfy any possible curiosity and with her getting the Mask...if it was there.

Don't think of this as a continuation, think of this as a branch or "what if" in the situation. As in "What if it were Orihime instead?"

This makes the 3rd known time Cerb has taken on a Mask crossover picture. Mighty fine job.

One day, Orihime is musing solemnly in her room. She has been recently rescued from Aizen's clutches, but Orihime is still saddened about helping that madman and having 'make' Ichigo and the others go through what they had to getting her home.

Orihime says, solemly, "How could I help that madman? I don't deserve someone like Ichigo or be friends with any of the others." Just then she hears a knock at the door and she goes over to it in which she opens it to reveal none other than Rangiku Matsumoto at the door.

Rangiku yells out, excitedly, "How are you doing girlfriend?"

Orihime asks, nervously, "What are you doing here Rangiku-san?"

Rangiku says, with a smile, "Can't a girl see a girlfriend? I'm here to see how you are doing after that horrible kidnapping."

Orihime asks, solemnly, "Does your friends and superiors know that you are assoicating with a traitor to humanity?"

Rangiku yells out, stunned, "Orihime-chan, why are saying such nonsense?"

Orihime says, solemnly, "Because it's true, Matsumoto-san! I let myself get kidnap and I nearly helped that madman succeed in his plans. I betrayed Ichigo-kun and every one of you!"

Rangiku tells Orihime, with a smile, "Don't you say that kind of stuff, Orihime-chan! I think that you need a night on the town! Get out there and show them what you are made of!"

Orihime tells Rangiku, nervously, "I don't know, Rangiku-chan."

Rangiku tells Orihime, with a wide smile, "I really know so, Orihime-chan! You are a great girl and you deserve something to take your mind off that horrible experience."

Orihime says, with a weak smile, "I guess it couldn't hurt..." Orihime prepares to head out the door.

"Stop right there, Orihime!" Rangiku grabbed Orihime's arm "You are not going out like that are you? Someone like you has to shine out there. Let's have a little fun, you know give the boys something to look at."

Orihime says, nervously, "I don't know about 'teasing' boys, Rangiku-chan."

Rangiku says, with a grin, "There is no harm in it Orihime-chan. You want Ichigo's attention don't you? I bet he's the jealous type." Orihime can't help to blush from Rangiku's comment

She goes over to her closet and she says, with a weak smile, "All right, Rangiku-chan, I'll give a try." When she opens her closet, she yelps out in shock as she notices a strange greenish-brown mask and she jumps back in shock.

Rangiku goes over and she says, looking at the mask, "You are worried over this ugly thing, Orihime?! I've seen Hollows scarier than this thing."

Orihime takes the mask and she says, curiously, "I don't remember having this Rangiku-chan. It looks really old --- I can probably sell it for a lot of money."

"It is just an ugly old mask. Probably some kind of old prop or something. Just hurry up and pick something out." Rangiku scoffed

Orihime says, with a nod, "Okay, Rangiku-chan." Rangiku heads off to wash up, while Orihime looks at the mask. Just then the mask gives off a powerful shimmer and Orihime is amazed by it. Orihime yells out, excitedly, "This is incredible, Rangiku-chan!"

Rangiku's voice yells out from the door, "What is it Orihime-chan?"

Orihime yells out, excitedly, "This mask just glowed like a prism or something! It is so amazing Rangiku-chan! It can't be worthless if it glows!" Orihime looks at the mask as it gives a more powerful causing her to look at it completely 'hypnotized'.

Rangiku yells out, with a giggle, "Come on, Orihime-chan, don't say such wacky stuff like that! I hope you're not wasting time ogling at that thing." Orihime doesn't hear Rangiku as she moves the mask to her face feeling an incredible urge to put the mask on. Just then the mask latches onto her face and quickly covers her face while the mask becomes like hot wax and rubber. Orihime gives a loud moan from a burning 'feeling' going through her body and her body then spins around in a mini-twister of thunder, lightning, and wind. Rangiku rushes to her room when she hears Orihime's moan, but before she can say or do anything, Rangiku is engulfed in the twister as it heads out of Orhime's home into the night.

That evening, Tatsuki is performing some night training, since the weekend is coming and she is off from school, when she hears a 'disturbance' nearby and goes over to investigate. What Tatsuki sees next really blows her mind as she sees Rangiku and Orihime leading a pack of men with cameras, but Orihime is greatly different.

Orihime's hair and hairstyle are the same, but the skin of her head from the start of her neck up is lime green in color and rubber-like in texture, her eyelashes are long and sensual with pink eyeshadow to make her blue eyes more seductive, she has deep, plump, luscious, and lovely sparking carnation pink lips, she is wearing a tight fitting hot pink dress, her fingernails are a sparkling Persian pink, and she has rose colored shoes on her feet.

Orihime/Mask yells out, with a seductive and excited tone, "That's it, boys! Make sure that you get my good side!" Orihime/Mask poses in sexy poses while Rangiku, all dolled up, looks on with a nervous look.

Rangiku asks Orihime/Mask, nervously, "Are you sure that you are okay Orihime-chan?"

Orihime/Mask yells out, excitedly, "I feel awesome Rangiku-chan! You were right about all this and I need to do this!" Orihime/Mask says, with a wide seductive smirk and sly tone, "And maybe it is time that I get Ichigo-kun to really notice me." Orihime/Mask gives a seductive giggle as she thinks about what "fun" she and Ichigo could have for themselves...'

Story courtesy of ~HazardGallantmon

I did SOME editting though


-Since the lighting of the background wouldn't fit, again with the generically shaded/toned dresses and hair and burn/dodge skin. ;P

-Originally it was just going to be a standalone picture with Rangiku, but showing the picture to *Jokerisdaking made him interested in doing a "inverse" of the first picture.

-HazardGallantmon suggested Orihime have a different dress color than the previous picture with Rangiku just to note how it reflects on her personality.

-Same background, slightly different size. Because I don't care

-Tried to retain CerberusLives' signature but it's poorly edited once more (and technically the Rangiku picture uses the signature from this picture) :I


The Mask © Mike Richardson Dark Horse Comics, and New Line Cinema
Bleach © Tite Kubo, Shueisha, Weekly Shonen Jump, Studio Pierrot, TV Tokyo and ViZ Media.
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Aghorishaivite Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Professional Writer
Whoa- Good one!
animamomentlover Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
very well done
themaskisthebest Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2010
Instead of making purely she-mask portraits, how about making a portrait of the female mask wearer transforming into the mask?( The tornado?)
MugenKeiji Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2010
Did that already:
possessionmask1994 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009
You started to what if, and because it was so awesome you must finish it. I commission you to make a part two for this one where Mask Orihime "confronts" Ichigo. It will be HILARIOUS!! Nice picture and nice story overall.
MugenKeiji Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2009
Commissions cost money and require a Paypal to go through. Even worse is that the artist responsible for this is on a bit of a personal sabbatical.

Not that it matters though, I don't feel right taking the money when really the artist draws the picture and the guy I ask to write the story has his own cross to bear. Plus a lot of these Mask pictures are one-shots anyway, I'd feel better moving on to the next victim rather than dwell on the same wearer.

If you're going to commission me for a story, knock yourself out I guess, but you're barking up the wrong tree if you think I did the art (coloring yes, but not the art).
possessionmask1994 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2009
Alright. My bad. Just really liked the pic and the the story. If you're not gonna continue this one, then I will look forward to whatever you choose to do next.
cow-master Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2009
what the fuck is with the green face??
MugenKeiji Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2009
I really don't have to answer your question (because the descriptions mention it countless times if you bothered to read them) but I'll indulge you anyway; These are a series of crossovers with "The Mask" franchise in compliance with "Rule 36". Some dA users are privy to this rule highly, just in different forms.

You've put me on your Watchlist for almost a year to make up on some petty crap on Youtube and NOW you're starting to take notice what's in my gallery? It's not a good thing to watch someone out of pity and not know what you were getting into.

Not that I'm trying to be rude or anything I just expect better foresight and reading comprehension of people that put me on their dA watch.
cow-master Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2009
and hay if YOU want to act like that lets not live in peace then its hard get along isn't it >:(
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